The Healthy Chef Daybreak Digital

Meal Plan Delivery Service

Tailored meals delivered fresh to your home

The Healthy Chef is the solution for everyone who aims to combine a healthy lifestyle with tasty food. Our software processes the menu's and calculates the optimal macronutrients balance per person, taking into account dietary requirements and allergies. The result is an entirely tailor-made meal plan delivered daily to your doorstep.

The Healthy Chef Daybreak Digital
The Healthy Chef Daybreak Digital

The Healthy Chef is a subscription-based meal plan delivery service. Healthy restaurant meals, home-delivered, at everyday prices.

  • Tailored

    Customers can choose their personalised meal plan. Everything is possible, from a whole week to 2 days a week only dinner. The software considers dietary requirements and allergies and provides this information to the company kitchen.

  • Flexible

    Clients of The Healthy Chef can adjust their next delivery by adding or subtracting meals in the customer portal. Customers can also pause their subscription and edit their personal goals, details and delivery addresses.

  • Easy

    Everything is fully automated based on the meals that a customer from The Healthy Chef has selected for the next week. Invoices are automatically paid via direct debit weekly.

The Healthy Chef Daybreak Digital

We have helped The Healthy Chef shape its launch strategy with our Market Validation Framework and continued our partnership by building all the digital assets.

  • UX & CRO Optimised Website

    After the Market Validation phase of our collaboration, where we ran several experiments with plenty of propositions and target audiences, we clearly understood who the target audience was and how to convert them into customers. We used this data to build a UX & CRO optimised new website to collect leads and conversions effectively.

  • Admin Dashboard

    The Healthy Chef can see all their leads, trial customers and subscribers in one overview and manage them. Further, the kitchen can view the meals that have to be cooked and their dietary requirements in real-time. Also, the API's with financial software enable automated weekly direct debits.

  • Customer Portal

    All customers have their own account to manage their meals, payments, and subscription. Also, a gamified referral feature is included to drive further growth. Lastly, a shop is included where customers can buy additional items and immediately pay.

Daybreak Digital's services have a crucial role in transforming my startup idea into a professional company. We now deliver more than 2.500 meals/week, backed by their software.
Louis The Healthy Chef

Louis Verlaan

Founder @ The Healthy Chef
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