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Competition in the digital era has never been this fierce, while consumers’ attention keeps decreasing. Spray and pray marketing simply doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. Increased expected service levels also show the need for a streamlined and personalised customer experience to prevent existing customers from churning.

To stay relevant in the 21st century, companies must switch from intuition-based tactics to a more data-driven approach. Make full use of available data & tech and excel in the digital world.

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Market validation

Market Validation

We help you validate demand before taking significant business risks, guided by data. We use all competitor and consumer data brought together in our Market Validation Framework to research your product's profitability, up-front. And yes, we're also willing to tell you the truth if a product/market fit is not likely.

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Software development

Software Development

Daybreak Digital helps you, as an innovative entrepreneur, innovation manager or product owner, to successfully launch a software product that results in delighted customers. We're highly specialised in developing future-proof SaaS or platform software for startups, scale-ups and corporates.

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Digital growth

Digital Growth

After analysing your competitors and target audiences, we use verified behavioural data to build multi-channel personalised conversion funnels. We focus on tangible results, minimising your customer acquisition costs, and maximising your customers’ lifetime value.

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Data insights

Data Insights

We gather your customers' data and provide behavioural insights to make relevant marketing decisions, resulting in immediate and long-term commercial successes. The goal is to turn data into information, information into insights, and insights into sustainable value.

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