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Your customers expect a seamless experience throughout their whole journey. They demand transparency and want to be in control. Not just from 9 to 5, but whenever it suits them. To streamline your organization’s core processes, we build highly intuitive human-centered software not only to meet but exceed customer expectations.

The Daybreak Development Life Cycle

Opportunity Analysis

We analyse your business or idea to identify development opportunities with a clear net positive business case for you. What exactly are the problems that can we solve using software? Who are the stakeholders, and what solutions will make their life easier?

Requirement Specification

Based on the business needs, we describe the essential functions the system must provide to solve the existing challenges in User Stories. We then divide the total system into sub-systems with more detailed functional requirements. Further, we elicit non-functional system properties such as availability, performance and safety that are important to your business.

Prototype Design

User-centricity comes first, and code follows. Before writing a single line of code, we design a prototype that visualises all functionalities of the software you envision. We thoroughly test the prototype’s usability with the future stakeholders to ensure that the features are clear, and we don’t waste time and money redeveloping them after launch.

Incremental Development

We incrementally develop the software, adding features step-by-step. We deploy the features on our staging server so that the key stakeholders in your organisation can access the software before a wider launch.

Testing & Integration

Together with a broader selection of stakeholders within your organisation we will test the software based on the requirements defined in the first phase. Any defects are prioritised and resolved before launching the software or integrating it within your organisation.

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