Data Insights

Monetise your data_

If you want to improve your marketing efforts, the key to success lies in effectively using available data. We help you collect the correct data, draw valuable conclusions, and drive commercial value by implementing data-driven solutions to increase customer satisfaction and lifetime value.

The Daybreak Data Value Framework

Business Understanding

We analyse your business to understand its data analytics needs. What do we want to know to achieve what goal? We make sure to fully understand your business’s challenges, so we choose the correct modelling methods.

Data Collection & Preparation

We collect and prepare the data you (knowingly or unknowingly) have available, as well as data available online. We gain an understanding of the strengths and limitations of the available data and, after estimating the costs and benefits, decide on how to move on with the project.


We use machine learning and advanced A.I. to transform the data into predictive or descriptive models. The goal is to capture regularities in the data to gain commercially valuable knowledge, e.g., should you offer this customer a contract renewal with a better deal?

Value Creation

We help you create immediate commercial value from the data using advanced real-time dashboards. After the model is deployed, the model will start generating new data, which we will use to continuously improve the models in the future.