Digital Growth

Grow fast or die slow_

Competition in the digital era has never been this fierce, while consumers' attention keeps decreasing. Spray and pray marketing simply doesn't cut the mustard anymore. We utilise our proven data-driven Growth Framework to drive sustainable growth for your digital business, based on all available data & tech.

The Daybreak Growth Framework

Customer Journey Design

Firstly, the customer journey will be designed. All appropriate steps will be visualised using the AARRR-funnel and analysed for potential improvements. We will turn these opportunities into experiments, ranked based on impact and costs. This way, we make sure to work on the quick wins first.

Advanced Targeting

In a world where cookies are being phased out, it is essential to use innovative methods to reach your target audience. We have several techniques in place to effectively (re)target your customer audience, using audiences of potential customers that resemble your most valuable customers, using artificial intelligence.

Marketing Automation

We collect behavioural data about your audience that reflects their purchase intent and will use this data to generate and send personalised, targeted emails. This way, we don’t use the “one size fits all”- approach but reach potential customers exactly when they are most likely to convert (again).

Customer Value Optimisation

Your most valuable potential customer is a current customer. We explore value-adding opportunities for your existing customer base and turn those opportunities into timed and personalised (upsell or cross-sell) offerings. We further analyse opportunities to increase the visitor to the customer conversion rate on your website to increase a website visitor’s value.

Data Insights

Turn data into commercial value

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